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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Direction. JMBA is now

I am off on another direction.  If you discover this blog you are amazing. I have not updated it in forever.

This is the direction my life is taking now. Producing imaged digitally that are fun and hopefully a joy to view.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Method to Save the World

My efforts to date to help the planet and the human race have been limited to using my FileMaker skills for good causes,  managing the student database for the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA and teaching Taoist Tai Chi.

I am off on a new direction of improving myself to help influence others to "save the world".  Many people believe that the influence of a few with good vibrations can have a cascading effect to help rid the world of strife, suffering, wars and damaging behavior.

I have been attending a weekly Oneness Blessing circle for the last couple years and took a course called Oneness Awaking a couple times.  I have found this practice has helped me experience "awakened" moments where I am living in the present instead of the constant thought stream of yesterdays successes and failures or tomorrows goals and fears.

I am off to India in a few weeks to spend a solid month working on myself to become more capable of staying in the present and acting instead of reacting to the constant stream of irritating triggers that makes me live too much in the emotional realm of discontent instead of the "awakened" state of accepting things as they are and moving more logically toward living a joyful and wonder filled life.

You will be seeing more about my efforts in this endeavor in the future.

Joel Bowers

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring 2011

We just returned from a winter vacation to Costa Rica and another Taoist Tai Chi Instructor workshop in Tallahassee. Too many experiences to describe but it was a wonderful break from the cold weather in Montana. We have returned to nearly spring like weather.

We are about to start up 3 new Tai Chi classes at local assisted living communities in Billings and at the Senior Center in Laurel.

We are looking forward to a visit by Andrew Lahser from Arizona who will conduct a one day Tai Chi intensive for us on May 28th. We are just finishing the 108 move set in one of my beginner classes and should complete the set in my second beginner class in time for the new students to take advantage of the intensive.

On the FileMaker side of life, my server seemed to weather my vacation absence (off the grid) with just a couple outages. My friend John Winson and his son of Frontline Data were able to quickly restart the server when they were notified of the outage. I think it was only the webserver component of the server that went down so the USA TTCS member database was off line for web browser connections for several hours during those two outage periods.

Joel Bowers

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saving the World - New Perspective

Saving our planet and societies, in my opinion, comes down to an adjustment in perspective for the majority of humanity. We need to better understand the consequences of our actions and to better love and understand our fellow human beings. It helps a great deal if we understand that we are all one.

My current focus is on teaching Taoist Tai Chi to people living in or near Billings Montana. This is a somewhat small contribution to saving the world, but every little bit helps. I believe that if you practice Tai Chi regularly for a number of years your heart will be more open to the understandings mentioned above.

Trying to bring FileMaker solutions into this equation, I have volunteered to improve the USA membership database for the Taoist Tai Chi Society. This database is available to any branch who requests it and allows instructors to enter new students and update payments to track member status using a web browser.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to make your association membership entries available to a controlled population of administrators.

Happy New Year

Monday, March 22, 2010

International Instructor Workshop in Tallahassee

Taoist Tai Chi™ March 2010

I had a wonderful experience at the 5 day workshop in Tallahassee. It was lead by Sean Denison, Karen Laughlin and Andrew Hung with a lot of help from other international instructors. We started out with a lot of donyus and toryus. But spent most of the week working on better balance in our set. We had the most amazing 10 course Chinese New Years Banquet complete with wine. As one of the first shift serving/dishwashing crew, I didn't get to eat until most of the tables were done. The bonus was that we got more than our share of the wine from the left over bottles. My balance must have improved some during the week because I felt balanced in the after dinner set even with a slight buzz.

We are constantly looking forward to the next workshop or intensive. Great to reconnect with people we know from previous events. Doing Tai Chi with more than 100 other students is an experience you have to have to appreciate.

You may not know that the society is a non-profit. We volunteer to teach and there are only a handful of paid employees in the world that help to support the 40,000 or so members. These workshops help to support buying permanent locations for some of our more active branches.

The testimonials of all the good Tai Chi has done for attendees at large workshops are a strong incentive and feedback for me to keep teaching and practicing Taoist Tai Chi™.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Recommended Reading and Study Free online video courses from leading universities. (Get a better teacher no charge)

I picked up this tip from reading Bill Gates annual letter at

If more of us would take the time to broaden our perspectives, many of the world problems mentioned in Bills letter will be solved in our life times. Publish Post

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Creating FileMaker Value

I attended a seminar the other day on value based billing by the author of Measuring what your Customers Value Most. If you are a forward looking business, you will also be looking for measuring the things your customer values most.

I am in the business of helping you automate those measurements. I am also interested in providing you value based on what is most important to you and your business. The difficulty I am struggling with is how to put a price tag on those measurements as well as determining what those measurements are.

Airlines have found that simply measuring their on time arrival, lost luggage and missed connections can be a key predictive indicator of their future sales. If they are doing well in these areas, their sales are relatively optimistic.

For my consulting practice, I believe responding to client requests in a prompt manner is one of the keys to my continued success. Another is my ability to add features to their database that they believe will make their business more efficient and profitable.

I am interested in hearing from any reader who had deeper insight into value based pricing and how they have arrived at actual numbers in advance for projects.

Joel Bowers